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About Come Quilt

Hi there!  Our names are Jenny Arkinson and Mary Garman.  Our mother is Sue Garman.  She taught both of us to quilt, and we are continuing her legacy through our quilts, this business, and through our own future designs.  You know, she didn't remember ever NOT knowing how to quilt. In fact, her grandmother taught the children in her family to sew crazy quilts as soon as they were old enough to thread a needle.

Sue began designing her own quilts over thirty years ago.  Since that time, she made hundreds of quilts and is probably best-known for both appliqué quilts and intricately pieced quilts.  Her passion for quilting is reflected in her desire to bring quality designs, ideas, and inspiration directly to our customers.  Come Quilt is the brainchild of that desire, backed by years of experience and the knowledge that quality products, reasonable prices, and exceptional service are the keystone of every great customer relationship.

Shipping & Delivery Policies

We ship to most areas domestically and internationally.  All packages are usually shipped via U.S. Mail.  Special shipping arrangements can be made.  The minimum shipping fee is $2.50. Shipping fees may vary depending on the weight and value of the merchandise ordered.  If your shipment will cost more than originally quoted, you will be notified by phone or email before your order is mailed.

Domestic Shipping Rates:  
Orders Valued at $0.01 to $7.00 $2.50
$7.01 to $19.99 $4.00
$20 to $74.99 $9.85
$75 to $100.00 $18.40
$100 to $199.99
$200 and up

International Shipping Rates*:
Canada, Mexico
$0 to $99.99 $30.90
$100 to $199.99 $61.80
$200 to 299.00 $74.60
$300 and up $123.60
All other Countries
$0.01 to $99.99 $52.40
$100.00 to $199.99 $119.95
$200 and up $152.05

Pattern Corrections

We all try really hard to be perfect... but sometimes we don't quite measure up.  Below are corrections to Sue Garman's patterns.

Good Golly (March 2016)
- Page 6, Row 2 of cutting instruction table:  The third line should read "Cut thirty-four 5-inch squares; halve each square diagonally.

Simply Baltimore (June 2015):
- Month 12:  In SOME of the patterns, the flying geese paper foundations printed out incorrectly.  If your flying geese (the last three pages in the pattern) do not measure 1 by 2 inches, please email me for a correction: 

Twirly Balls and Pinwheels (Feb 2014): 
-  Page 2:   The background fabric requirement should be 4-1/8 yards, not 4-5/8 yards
-  Page 15:  For the inside setting triangles, cut two three 18-1/4 inch squares; for the outside setting triangles,cut two three 21-inch squares

Sleeping Beauty (2016)
-  Page 9:  The spines should be cut to measure 16-1/2 inches (unfinished size), not 15-1/2 inches
-  Page 13:  Item 14c. the measurements should read 8-1/2 inches, not 9-1/2 inches.