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We are continually updating the website by both adding new products and improving what is already there, to make your visit even better.  Here are some additions to the website:

  • Target Practice has finally been added to the website.  It is an 83 by 83 inch quilt is made of nine central blocks, a zig-zag border with four cornerstones, an outer border with twenty half-blocks and four cornerstones, and a final small piano-key border.

  • Hugs and Kisses is an earlier pattern but I've finally added it to my website.  It is made of classic crossed leaves and wreath design blocks, surrounded by a beautiful swag border.  I made it in blue, gold, and green fabrics, but you can make it out of any combination of other fabrics.  The quilt measures 71 by 87 inches.

  • Whee!  I finally finished putting more KITS on my website for two more quilts.  The first one is for my New York Beauty quilt done in Christmas fabrics.  It's listed under the Individual Patterns as Sleeping Beauty - 4 block version kitted in Christmas fabrics.  This quilt is a joyous red and green quilt that measures 48 inches square.  I also kitted my Little Baskets quilt.  It is a delightful 42-1/2 inch square quilt made with 6-inch baskets that are each sashed with 2-inch baskets; it is so cute! Here are the quilts:

  • I added the ever-popular Spool Swing to my list of Favorite Things!  This delightful notion is one that I rarely go anywhere without -- it is a "necklace" on which you can put spools of thread.  I pack it with the 6-8 different colors that I am using on a project, and I can stick it in my bag and I'm ready to go.  There is a connecting bar on the "necklace" that has a nifty little thread cutter built into it, and the end of the bar untwists to reveal a needle case.  There you have it:  all your threads, handy around your neck (where they cannot roll off the sofa or under the airplane seat behind you...) and ready to be used, along with a pack of needles stashed away quite handily!  Try one - you'll soon have your friends all asking where you got your Spool Swing and asking for one for themselves.
  • I added a new pattern as well as some kits!  The kits will be included as a listing with the patterns - but I also have another grouping for kits (patterns with fabric).  The new pattern is for a 4-block 60-inch square feathered star quilt, A Little Bit of Feathered Heaven, shown below.  I will be adding another pattern soon that is for a larger version of the same design, with 9 blocks; it will be 81 by 81 inches in size.  The second kit in the beginning of fuller offerings is for Baltimore Squared, also shown below.  The kit includes the pattern along with all of the fabric except the background fabric - but the background fabric is available separately. 
A Little Bit of Feathered Heaven
Available as a pattern (click here) or as a kitted pattern (click here)

Baltimore Squared
Available as a pattern (click here) or a kitted pattern with fabric (click here)

  • I absolutely love intricately pieced quilts!  After stitching many, many strips of half-square triangles, I finally finished Good Golly!  This quilt still needs to be quilted, but I've gone ahead and finished the pattern so you, too, can make this beauty.  Reproducible paper foundations are included in the pattern.