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The Chain Gang - Flowers


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The Chain Gang quilt is made of thirty-six 12-inch blocks:  twelve crossed-floral blocks, twelve foundation-pieced star blocks, and twelve pieced chain blocks.  These block sets can easily be used together or in various combinations:  chains alone, stars alone, chains and stars together, chains and flowers together, stars and flowers together, or all of them in the same quilt.  Every quilter can design his or her own combination of blocks to make a very unique quilt! 

Complete set of appliqued floral blocks:  $ 42.00
Complete set of foundation-pieced star blocks:  $ 42.00
Complete set of pieced chain blocks:  $ 12.00
Complete set of all blocks:  $ 80 (best value!)

Individual appliqued floral blocks:  $ 3.50 each
Individual foundation-pieced star blocks:  $ 3.50 each

If you wish to purchase a single block from this series, please email me with your request.

**No returns on patterns**