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Roxanne's Mini Glue-Baste-It contains 1/2 ounce of glue for basting applique on place. 

Sue Garman uses this to apply nearly all of her applique pieces in place because she says it' is the easiest and quickest way to place pieces on a background block.  For best use, Sue recommends that you apply two or more SMALL dots of glue onto the back of fabric to be appliqued in place on a block.  If you use too much, you will get a hard spot and perhaps a dark spot on the top of your applique fabric.  The perfect size dot is the size of a large pencil dot.  This bottle does not have the metal applicator that can get rusty and turn your glue brown if you put a pin in the bottle to keep the applicator tip open; this bottle has a simple soft plastic top that does not get clogged.

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