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Spool Swing

Are you tired of going to a bee and having your applique thread spools fall off of a table and roll under someone's television?  Or not having the exact threads to take with you at a moment's notice, when you need them?  Or having all your applique prepped for stitching when you are on a trip... and you're afraid to take your scissors through the TSA security check line?  I was!

The three-in-one Spool Swing is an awesome notion that solved a whole lot of problems for me.  It consists of a cord that connects to both ends of a metal bar.  The cord can be removed from one end of the bar with a little clip.  So what does this Spool Swing have to offer you?

  • First, it is a handy necklace that can hold one to ten or more thread spools on it.  Hang the necklace around your neck and just cut your thread off of the spool you are using, without ever dropping the spool and letting it roll away under a sofa. 
  • Second, it has a hollow metal bar on it and one end of the bar unscrews to reveal a little needle case.  When I'm traveling or going to a bee, I have my needles and threads together in this necklace.
  • Third, the bar also includes a tiny thread cutter.  With this three-in-one tool, I can cut my thread (sharply), thread my needle, and be ready to sew in an instant.

I like to load the spool swing with the assortment of colors of threads I am using in a current applique project, so that they are all together and ready to use.  It's a wonderful and extremely handy little invention that I think most quilters will love!

**No returns on purchases**