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Thread: Mettler 60-weight cotton - Foliage #1532

Mettler 60-weight 2-ply silk finish cotton thread is a wonderful thread for hand and machine applique, fine sewing, and machine embroidery.  Some quilters use it for piecing because there is less bulk at the seams; the manufacturer recommends a size 70 or 80 needle for machine stitching.  Mercerized to add strength and color-fastness, it has a high breaking resistance, shrinkage control, and ironing capabilities.  The spools contain 220 yards of thread.

The Foliage #1532 thread color is a medium yellow-green, slightly darker than a Granny Smith apple color.  I use it for quite a bit of applique of leaves and stems, as it is in the mid-range of green colors without being a bluer, more Kelly green color.